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Stockton Fined $2.4M Water Violations
KCRA - February 10, 2010
Copyright 2010
One man made a difference
Stockton Record - August 28, 2005
By Michael Fitzgerald
$75 million gates will make more pumping possible
Chico Enterprise-Record - August 20, 2005
S.J. River fine is rabbits' gain; $204K for habitat will help Manteca pay pollution bill
Stockton Record - August 18, 2005
By Dana Nichols
CALFED, farm bureau settle tiff over water distribution
Lodi News-Sentinel - August 16, 2005
By Bob Brownne
'Sewerwood Forest' in Manteca's future?
Manteca Bulletin - August 15, 2005
By Dennis Wyatt
Restoration of S.J. River flow sought
Stockton Record - August 13, 2005
Calaveras River made critical steelhead habita
Stockton Record - August 13, 2005
By Dana Nichols
Expectations for Delta fix may need to be lower
Stockton Record - August 12, 2005
By Dana Nichols
Grant to help curb water waste Oakdale Irrigation District to receive $731,500 from state
Modesto Bee - August 10, 2005
Fines may be in the future for agencies that violate water rule
Stockton Record - August 09, 2005
By Dana Nichols
OID is planning ahead as growth transforms valley's water priorities
Modesto Bee - August 09, 2005
By Steve Knell
Water program's depth at issue; Chairman of quality control board wants to explore expanding discharge enforcement to ground water
Fresno Bee - August 05, 2005
By Dennis Pollock
Agencies lose S.J. River ruling; Judge: Water-sale contracts in 2001 violated the law
Stockton Record - July 30, 2005
By Dana Nichols
State will miss pollution deadline; Sediment case may head back to court
Stockton Record - July 07, 2005
By Dana Nichols
Delta danger; A decline in fish species and their food source is a reminder of a recurring worry in the West: A broad ecosystem collapse
Sacramento Bee - July 03, 2005
By Matt Weiser
For the protection of Delta fish, groups try to halt pumping hike
Contra Costa Times - July 01, 2005
By Mike Taugher
Results of farm water-monitoring program murky
Stockton Record - June 24, 2005
By Dana Nichols
Wetlands part of plant upgrade
Stockton Record - June 22, 2005
By Dana Nichols
$2 million project to analyze the diminution of delta smelt; The sharp drop-off indicates a decline in estuary's health
San Francisco Chronicle - June 21, 2005
By Stuart Squatriglia
Salinity levels falling
Stockton Record - June 20, 2005
By Dana Nichols
Agencies mount strategy against Delta fish die-off
Contra Costa Times - June 19, 2005
By Mike Taugher
Editorial: Abandoning ship. Top staff leaving CalFed water program - why?
Sacramento Bee - June 14, 2005
By Opinion Editorial
Study: Fertilizers Harm Freshwater Lakes
Associated Press - June 13, 2005
By Ryan Foley
Klamath woes threaten salmon fishing season
Sacramento Bee - May 31, 2005
By Dave Whitney
Delta water funds still afloat
Stockton Record - May 23, 2005
By Opinion Editorial
Collapse In California Delta Forage Species Alarms Fishery Scientists
Fish Sniffer Magazine - May 20, 2005
By Dan Bacher
Tackling water pollution
Stockton Record - March 24, 2005
By Dana Nichols
Senate Democrats float package of clean-water measures
San Diego Union Tribune - March 10, 2005
By Michael Gardner
Experts say floods are likely, plan to live with them
Chico Enterprise-Record - March 05, 2005
By Heather Hacking
Pacific studies on river science go deep
Stockton Record - February 22, 2005
By Dana Nichols
Editorial: Rescuing the river. Cooperation among competing interests the key to San Joaquin River's health
San Joaquin Record - February 03, 2005
By Opinion Editorial
Delta plan has anglers furious ; Project would ship more water south
Stockton Record - January 27, 2005
By Warren Lutz
Bay-Delta Estuary Fisheries Imperiled by the South Delta “Improvement” Project
Fish Sniffer Magazine - January 01, 2005
By Dan Bacher
Plan to release more California delta water stirs controversy
Associated Press - November 30, 2004
By Juliana Barbassa
Editorial: Death of the Delta? California must rethink its water plan, or face catastrophe.
Fresno Bee - October 18, 2004
Editorial: Water bombshell. Judge's ruling on San Joaquin River may actually help clarify matters.
Fresno Bee - August 31, 2004
Editorial: Greener is not better
San Joaquin Record - July 28, 2004
Stockton port sues over expansion onto Rough and Ready Island
Associated Press - July 27, 2004
Manteca expects to OK pipeline settlement
San Joaquin Record - July 16, 2004
By Abbie Dutcher
Group sues over pesticides in canals
San Joaquin Record - July 15, 2004
By Audrey Cooper
Decision delayed on oxygen levels in channel
Stockton Record - July 10, 2004
By Audrey Cooper
Channel fix nears. Agencies fight harmful oxygen levels in water
Stockton Record - July 09, 2004
By Audrey Cooper
Groups speak out against port operations plan
Stockton Record - May 21, 2004
By Audrey Cooper

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