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Delta water funds still afloat

Stockton Record - May 23, 2005
By Opinion Editorial

Letters to the Editor: Delta water funds still afloat
Stockton Record 5/23/05
By Michael J. Machado

A May 19 article in The Record ("$100M in Delta funds may sink") stated that I led the charge in the state Senate to strip money from the CALFED budget, specifically funds for the study regarding the dissolved-oxygen problem in Stockton's Deep Water Channel and the Delta Improvement package.

Due to the Senate's concerns regarding CALFED, the Budget Subcommittee on Resources carefully reviewed its budget.

The result led members of the subcommittee to delay funding for local assistance grants and activities and projects not yet started.

Projects and activities undertaken prior to the creation of CALFED will receive funding.

The subcommittee actions equal $150 million for CALFED projects for the 2005-06 fiscal year.

Money for the dissolved-oxygen study and the Delta Improvement Package were delayed because additional money wasn't essential for ongoing work this year. The projects will continue to move forward with funds already appropriated that have not used fully.

I continue to support CALFED. However, it's important that the agency reorganize itself if it's going to bring about its promise of improved water supply, reliability and quality for all Californians.

Michael J. Machado. #

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