San Joaquin River DOTMDL -- Technical Working Group

The Effects of Channel Deepening on Water Quality Factors in the San Joaquin River Near Stockton, California

Publication Date: December 01, 1971
Summary: Realizing that the proposed deepening of the Stockton Ship Channel may affect the quality of Channel waters, the Army Corps of Engineers requested, in mid-1970, that the Environmental Protection Agency evaluate the probable water quality effects resulting from such construction. The Corps specifically requested information on: (1) the water quality effects of proposed Channel deepening, (2) the main factors contributing to the present dissolved oxygen decrease during the passage of stream flows through the Channel, (3) methods of improving water quality both with and without Channel deepening in order to meet the California State Water Quality Standards for the Delta, in particular the standard that 5 mg/L dissolved oxygen must be maintained in Delta waters, and (4) the composition of bottom sediments as well as their probable effects on water quality following dredging and deposition in the San Francisco Bay. This report summarizes work accomplished on this project to date and lists tentative recommendations by the Environmental Protection Agency.
To Obtain: California Regional Water Quality Control Board Library, Central

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