San Joaquin River DOTMDL -- Technical Working Group

Modification of Design Approach to Aerated Lagoons

Authors: Linvil Rich
Publication Date:
Summary: The impact of effluent algae and nitrification in the BOD5 test on the performance of aerated lagoons is discussed, as well as ways of improving the performance. Toward this end, suggestions are made for modifying the procedure outlined in earlier papers for the design of dual-power, multicellular (DPMC) aerated lagoon systems. Such modification includes the use of the following: (1) A steady-state model for the hydrolysis of the particulate fraction of influent biodegradable materials; and (2) a steady-state algal growth model. Parameter values are suggested, and a general approach to applying the models in the design procedure is given. It is concluded that the modifications should improve performance with respect to effluent quality, and that further evaluation of performance data will be required to test the assumptions made in applying the models.
To Obtain: Available upon request at the American Society of Civil Engineer

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