San Joaquin River DOTMDL -- Technical Working Group

Development of an Efficient Aeration System for Aquaculture

Authors: R. Farmer, Roger E. Arndt
Publication Date: January 01, 1995
Summary: This new aeration concept can significantly reduce te operating costs for aeration in aquaculture applications. This concept has been thouroughly evaluated in laboratory studies over a period of several years. This research indicated that energy savings of 30 percent or more are possible. This report describes the application of this technology to the development of an aeration system for use in deep water fish farming. The results of the field studies provided valuable data that will be useful for the design and implementation of improved aeration systems for a broad range of aquaculture applications. Significant information concerning the differences in the operational characteristics of aeration devices with circular and rectangular planform has been obtained. This information will be useful in developing improved versions of the system.
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