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San Joaquin River Dissolved Oxygen Depletion Modeling - Overview Presentation (HydroQual/JSA Model)

Authors: Andrew Thuman
Publication Date: June 01, 2004
Summary: This is a large Power Point Presentation. In 2003, HydroQual and Jones and Stokes received a contract to develop a multi-dimensional model for the tidal reach of the San Joaquin River and the DWSC to Turner Cut/Columbia Cut. The following summary is from their Powerpoint presentation about the project. The modeling will be developed and run in 2004 and 2005.

• Significant factors affecting DO in the DWSC
• Geometry, flow, upstream organic matter, SOD, Stockton RWCF and other WWTPs
• Needed to better define DO impacts due to stratification, OCOM, SOD and nutrient effects.

• Develop DWSC and SJR Model of DO dynamics
• Use as a management tool to develop TMDLs

• Upstream SJR model coupled with the DWSC model near Mossdale or Vernalis
• DWSC branched model to extend downstream to Turner Cut/Columbia Cut
• Modeling period to include multi-year period (e.g., 2000-2002)
• Will include RWCF discharge & instream aeration
• Fate of algae in DWSC (growth or death)

• Links upstream organic matter delivery to DO depletion in the DWSC
• Links settling organic matter to SOD
• Stratification as a function of flow and diurnal heating/cooling
• BOD & NH3 oxidation

• Start of modeling will follow development of “Data Atlas” –5/2004
• DSM2-Delta modeling – 7/2004
• Upstream DSM2-SJR modeling – 12/2004
• DWSC modeling – 3/2005 (begin 8/2004)
• Coordination with other modeling and data collection studies
To Obtain: Contact modeling team.

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